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Diskobolos Hints

In this section we will provide you with useful hints & tricks on how to conquer THE List.


Diskobolos Hint #1: Use the combo system

Hitting multiple enemies in a row doubles your score multiplier. You also get a free multiplier if a disk bounces off the wall. Therefore, you should always try to hit walls before hitting enemies. However, be aware: When the disk bounces off another wall, the combo multiplier is rested again.


Diskobolos Hint #2: Hit your own disk

Hit your own disk after a combo shot to quadruple your points. Vary the speed of your shot disks to let them collide or use the perks “Aim Shot” or “Slow Bounce”.


Diskobolos Hint #3: Use Black Holes

It is not possible to have more than two disks on the screen at the same time. This makes Black Holes a feared enemy as they can capture your disks. However, you can also use Black Holes to your advantage: Whenever a disk is stuck in a Black Hole it still collects tons of points. If you wait until a trapped disk reaches its max. combo and shoot it afterwards ,you receive double the amount of points.


Diskobolos Hint #4: Survive

In the beginning of every round your basic score multiplier is set to 2X. In the course of a game it raises up to 512X. This means surviving pays off.


Diskobolos Hint #5: Use items

Every time you shoot an enemy a little bit of energy is added to your item meter. This way you can unlock items in three different categories. Firstly, you get access to three disks for a limited time. This comes in especially handy when two of your disks are already stuck in Black Holes. The second item category randomly grants access to one of three different items: Time Collapse slows down time, with Big Disks it is easier to max out a Black Hole’s combo and Power Disks go through barricades. With a full item meter you can finally release an Interrupt, which destroys all enemies on the screen.


Diskobolos Hint #6: Use Barricades to your advantage

Barricades destroy your disk and force you to play around them. However, you can also benefit from barricades: Use them to quickly destroy your disks during frantic situations. This allows you to shorten the waiting period until you are able to use another disk. This way you can easily protect a disk trapped in Black Hole.


Diskobolos Hint #7: Blessing or curse

By destroying Black Holes you set free missiles, which drain your item meter if they hit you. Later in the game there are even enemies shooting missiles. But you can also use missiles to your advantage: Get hit by them on purpose to demote your item meter on a lower level in order to access different items.


Diskobolos Hint #8: Master the missions

Missions unlock perks and furthermore help you train your Diskobolos skill. You should definitely give the mission mode a try if you want to conquer THE List.


Diskobolos Hint #9: Perks are your friends

Perks let you customize the game in a way that emphasizes your play style. The “Aim Shot” helps you to anticipate where disks will be going; whereas “Slow Bounce” makes it easier to let your own disks collide. However, it may also happen that disks go too slow after hitting too many walls. “Faster Items” lets you charge your item meter with double the speed and “Firewall” gives you an extra life to survive even longer or have a tactical advantage.


Diskobolos Hint #10: Read the tutorials

If you want to outdo your friends and foes on the THE List you should pay attention to the tutorial texts in the game. They contain tons of hints and tricks!


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